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Sir Peter Lampl is one of Britain’s most recognised philanthropist’s having gifted millions of his own money to help set-up social mobility charity the Sutton Trust in 1997.

His work over the past two decades with the charity has made him a highly regarded thought leader in the education sector and his opinions are often used in the media.

Below are videos featuring Sir Peter talking about his own life, topics relating to social mobility in education and his charities the Sutton Trust and Education Endowment Foundation.

Sir Peter Lampl talks to Teachers TV

Sir Peter Lampl talks to Estelle Morris of Teachers TV about his business life and his work as Chairman of the Sutton Trust.

The educational philanthropist, who made his money in private equity in the US, tells Estelle about his own background as a successful grammar school pupil from an upwardly mobile family.

Sir Peter Lampl discusses social mobility on the BBC’s Daily Politics show

Sir Peter Lampl discusses the Sutton Trust’s ‘Parliamentary Privilege’ report on the BBC’s Daily Politics show.

He believes that there should be more diversity in not just parliament and politics, but in every walk of life.

The Sutton Trust’s research found that an extremely high percentage of politicians went to fee paying schools and Sir Peter believes this is a problem. He argues that politicians are supposed to be in touch with their constituencies, however believes that isn’t the case as a result of their privileged backgrounds.

Sir Peter Lampl discusses private tutoring with the BBC

Sir Peter Lampl talks to the BBC about private tutoring and the increasing gap between disadvantaged and advantaged pupils in relation to the support and access they receive.

Despite understanding the positive effects that private tutoring can have on a child’s education, Sir Peter believes that such tutoring shouldn’t just be available to those students whose parents are rich and have the resource to afford such support.